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The celebration of Canada’s diversity by embracing influences found in our team’s backgrounds to create fun & simple plates that showcase quality ingredients. These plates are best consumed with our playful cocktails & tasty wines. Our atmosphere is casual & we encourage food to be shared amongst the table.


Monday: Closed Happy Hour: Weekdays 4pm-5pm Tuesday: 4pm-late Wednesday: 4pm-late Thursday: 4pm-late Friday: 4pm-2am Saturday: 5pm-2am Sunday: 11am-2pm

Food served until 2AM Friday and Saturday

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Please use our reservation calendar to save your spot or call 587-524-5353 & leave a message. Voice messages will be checked and returned daily between 3-5pm.

Can’t find a babysitter? We’re minors friendly till 10pm.

Rather sit at the wood? Our 20-seat bar is available for walk ins.

We do not take reservations for parties over 8 on weekends. Customizable set menus for parties of 8 or more and private bookings are available, contact us for details!

We set aside a 2 hour dining limit. An 18% gratuity is added on parties over 7 people.

Gift certificates are available at the restaurant.

North 53 will be closed on the following dates: October 12 Happy Hour


Food served until 2AM Friday and Saturday

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Up Late?

Food served until 2AM Friday and Saturday

Late Night

Served from 11pm-2am on Fridays & Saturdays.

Fried Chicken 11
Slightly spiced, always delicious! Served with sour cream & onion dip

Tuna Tataki 16
Wonton chips, bokchoy, pickled carrots & daikon, juniper aioli, spiked with ponzu gel



Pudding Chômeur à la mode 13.5
A classic Québécois dessert, just like grand-mère used to make

Sorbet & Ice Cream 3/scoop
Flavours are always changing! Ask your server what we’ve whipped up today!


Up Late?

Cocktail menu and beer.

Classic Cocktails

The Derby  12

Buffalo Trace, Carpano Antica, Dry Curacao, Lime.  Bridging the gab between cocktails and horse racing, this refreshing mixture is perfect for home or the track.

The Ford  12

Haymans Old Tom, Dolin Dry, Benedictine, Bitters.  No affiliations with the horseless carriage that bore the same name, this cocktail delivers a smooth herbaceous finish.

Jack Rose  13

Pere Magloire, Alberta Premium, Lemon, Grenadine.  Showcasing bright notes of fruit and apple along with a truly Albertan rye.

Boulevardier  15 

Bulleit Bourbon, Punt é Mes, Campari.  Always a favorite of ours at North 53.  Bittersweet and boozy!


House Cocktails

Nihon Sun  14

Suntory Toki, Plum Wine, Lapsang Souchong, Bitters.  It only makes sense to showcase a well-balanced Japanese whisky with an equally balanced cocktail.  We find that the smokey essence of lapsang souchong allows this drink to bloom into something that truly warms the soul.

Sabio’s Pleasure  15

Don Julio Reposado, Haymans Sloe Gin, Lemon, House Grenadine, Sage.  Pairing the fruit forward flavours of our house grenadine and sloe gin with a slightly aged tequila invite a celebration of the senses.  Just sit back, relax, and imbibe your time until you can enjoy this on a patio again.

Year of the Rabbit  12

Pisco El Gobernado, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger, Cinnamon Syrup, Egg White.  This autumnal sour will help you embrace the changing of the seasons.  Carrot, cinnamon, and ginger play nice in this fall friendly cocktail.

Maybe Tomorrow, Doc  14

Great King Artists Blend, Laphroaig, Calvados, Apple Ginger Shrub, Lemon, Apple.  Orchards full of juicy ripe apples makes you think of scotch right?  Regardless, this sweet, tart, and smokey libation ought to keep you out of the doctors office.  (Note: We are not medical professionals.)

Freyja’s Folly  13

Linne Lysholm, Chardonnay, Thyme Liquor, Fenugreek, Lime, Sauerkraut.  Akavit, fenugreek and sauerkraut form a tempting trio in this approachable savoury cocktail inspired by the flavours of Northern Europe.  Next stop, pickled herring!

Black Moon  14

Mezcal, Vanilla Pear Balsamic Shrub, Amaro Montenegro, Salt, Charred Lemon.  Dark as a winter’s eve and twice as flavourful, this sultry sipper defies description.  Smokey Mezcal, fruity shrub, and bittersweet Montenegro will excite the soul even on the blackest of nights.

Sweater Weather  14

No.3 Gin, Averna, Lemon, Sugar, Green Cardamom, Bitters.  Expressions of fresh muddled cardamom pair nicely together with the peppery gin.  Fresh lemon juice still makes this cocktail a refreshing sipper but the flavours together scream autumn.

London Calling  13

Haymans Old Tom, Poli Miele, Galliano, Earl Grey, Lemon, Egg White.  Earl gray tea, rich honey grappa, and a classic British gin form a delightful frothy ode to tea based lattes.  Hat’s off for tea time!

Welcome to the Neighborhood  14

Rittenhouse Rye, Dolin Dry, Strega, Pedro Ximenez Solera 1927, Bitters, H2O.  We have a firm belief here at North 53 that experimentation leads to revelation.  This libation serves that belief to the letter.  Instead of diluting this drink with ice, we’ve decided to add room temperature distilled water to allow the herbaceous undertones to shine through against the over-proof rye.

Smoke & Oak Fashioned 15

Oaken Gin, Smoked Maple Syrup, Orange Oil, Bitters. The drink. The legend. The Smoke & Oak. This take on a classic old fashioned seems to keep our regulars happy, and that makes us happy! (B. B.)


Craft Lager  $6
355ml – 5%
Parallel 49 Brewing Co. – Vancouver, B.C.

Steam Whistle – Pilsner  $7 
355ml – 5%
Steam Whistle Brewing Inc. – Toronto, Ontario

Urpils – Pilsener  $8
330ml – 4.8%
Karlsburg Brauerei – Hamburg, Germany

Omission – Gluten Free Pale Ale  $8
355ml – 5.8%
Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. – Portland, Oregon

Ransack The Universe – IPA  $8
473ml – 6.8%
Collective Arts Brewing – Hamilton, Ontario

Red Racer Copper Ale – Amber Ale  $6
355ml – 5$
Central City Brewing – Surrey, B.C.

Licorne Black – Swartzbeer  $7
500ml – 6%
Karlsburg – Saverne, France

Odyssey Nitro Porter – Porter  $8
473ml – 5%
Phillips Brewing Co. – Victoria, B.C.

Bacchus Frambozenbier – Fruit Beer  $12
375ml – 5%
Brouwerij Van Honsebrouk – Belgium

Lonetree – Dry Cider  $7
355ml – 5.5%
Lonetree – Okanagan, B.C.

People who love to eat are the best people.

We now feature wines on a limited time basis- Come in to try our newest offerings!

Save A Spot

Crispy Chicken Biscuit Burger  $15
Served with a creamy country gravy and bacon. Choice of hash or greens

Buttermilk Breakfast Pie  $9
Pork or Veggie. Served with hash or greens

Pork and Oats  $14
Sweet pork belly with market apple, maple soy sauce, fried leek and poached egg

Fried Chicken and Sweet Grits $11
The definition of comfort food!

North 53 Benny $11
Soft poached egg with a house sabayon, black olive tapenade and a cheddar biscuit

Stack of Pancakes $8
Bacon ricotta, or classic maple syrup and butter toppings!



Root vegetable hash $4
House greens $4
Pork belly $5
Fried egg $3
Fresh fruit $5
Old bay cheddar biscuit $2


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