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The celebration of Canada’s diversity by embracing influences found in our team’s backgrounds to create fun & simple plates that showcase quality ingredients. These plates are best consumed with our playful cocktails & tasty wines. Our atmosphere is casual & we encourage food to be shared amongst the table.


Monday: Closed Tuesday: 5pm-late Wednesday: 5pm-late Thursday: 5pm-late Friday: 5pm-2am Saturday: 5pm-2am Sunday: Closed

Food served until 2AM Friday and Saturday

Save A Spot


Please use our reservation calendar to save your spot or call 587-524-5353 & leave a message. Voice messages will be checked and returned daily between 3-5pm.

Can’t find a babysitter? We’re minors friendly till 10pm.

Rather sit at the wood? Our 20-seat bar is available for walk ins.

We do not take reservations for parties over 8 on weekends. Customizable set menus for parties of 8 or more and private bookings are available, contact us for details!

We set aside a 2 hour dining limit. An 18% gratuity is added on parties over 7 people.

Gift certificates are available at the restaurant.

**PLEASE NOTE: 103 Ave is currently under construction, so parking outside the restaurant is currently sparse. Please arrive with enough time to find parking. Sorry for the inconvenience!**

North 53 will be closed on the following dates: TBA


Food served until 2AM Friday and Saturday

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Up Late?

Food served until 2AM Friday and Saturday

Late Night

Served from 11pm-2am on Fridays & Saturdays.

Fried Chicken 11
Slightly spiced, always delicious! Served with sour cream & onion dip

Fresh Baked Soft Pretzels 4/ea
Served warm with house made beer mustard

Tuna Tataki 16
Wonton chips, bokchoy, pickled carrots & daikon, juniper aioli, spiked with ponzu gel

Tabouli Salad 9
Parsley, wheat berries, garlic, sweet peppers, honey and lemon

Potato Salad 10
Mustard, dill, fennel, sherry vinaigrette. Topped with a devilled egg and bacon crumb

Gyoza 6
Everyone loves these little guys! Ours are house made with pork, beef, carrots, fennel and served with an orange sesame soy dip


Apple Tart 12
Cheddar Shortbread, slow poached apples with cinnamon. Served à la mode

Flourless Chocolate Tort 8
All chocolate and no flour, all the time! Served with blackberry frozen yogurt, mint berry gremolata and chocolate ganache

Pudding Chômeur à la mode 13.5
A classic Québécois dessert, just like grand-mère used to make

Sorbet 3/scoop
Flavours are always changing! Ask your server what we’ve whipped up today!


Up Late?

Cocktail menu and beer.

Classic Cocktails

Martinez   13

Beefeater Gin, Punt é Mes, Luxardo Maraschino, Bitters. Closely related to the modern martini, this classic emerged in the late 1860’s as importing vermouth from Italy began to transform the way barkeeps compiled flavour profiles. A simple combination of sweet and refreshing, yet complex and inviting.

Scofflaw  12

Bulleit Rye, Dolin Dry Vermouth, Fresh Lemon Juice, House Grenadine. Named for the cavalier imbibers of the prohibition era, this tart sweet Rye whiskey cocktail first debuted in 1924 at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. Sip, enjoy, repeat.

Sidecar  13

Hennessy VS, Cointreau, Fresh Lemon Juice. Invented near the end of World War One in Paris and named after the motorcycle attachment of a storied Colonel. This tart, sharp, and dry cocktail will serve as a quiet companion through the night.

Daiquiri  12

Havana Club Anejo Blanco, Fresh Lime Juice, Simple Syrup. Known to many as only a Cold War foe of the United States, Cuba has much more to add to the history of cocktail aficionados, including one of our favourite modern era libations: The Daiquiri. Thought to be originally created by Jennings Cox, this fresh mixture was actually rationed to English Navy Soldiers prior to that in 1740 from Admiral Edward “Old Grog” Vernon.

Bloody Mary  12

Ketel One, Tomato Juice, Salt, Spices. Whether you prefer savoury to sweet or just came in profoundly hung over, fear not: we’ve got you covered with our robust early 1920’s classic. Mott’s is only for applesauce, anyway.

House Cocktails

Strawberry Sloe Gin Fizz  15

Beefeater Gin, Hayman’s Sloe Gin, Heavy Cream, Simple Syrup, Strawberry Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice, Fresh Lemon Juice, Orange Blossom Water, Egg White, Soda Water. A playful homage to Henry C. Ramos’ original recipe conceived at his Imperial Cabinet Saloon in New Orleans 1888, the aeration and emulsification of these combined ingredients allow the botanicals of the gin to shine through, while still remaining an easy drinking and refreshing beverage. (D. M.)

Bad, Bad Man  12

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Cynar, Campari, Punt é Mes, Cold brew Coffee, Laphroaig Quarter Cask. A deep, dark, bitter, smoky, bright, and somewhat unforgiving libation. This is a nod to the mythologized murder of William “Billy” Lyons, by the hand of “Stagger” Lee Shelton in the Billy Curtis Saloon on Christmas Eve, 1895. (D. M.)

Zen Garden  14

Don Julio Blanco, Aperol, Fresh Lemon Juice, Strawberry Syrup, Wasabi. Marrying the rich cocktail cultures of Japan and Mexico, this refreshing sipper delivers a bright and floral introduction. Watch out though, the heat of added wasabi will catch up with you eventually. (T.G.)

Renegade of Funk  12

Leblon Cachaça, Luxardo Maraschino, Fresh Lime Juice, Fenugreek Syrup. A close relative to the Brazilian national drink: the Caipirinha. The contrasting funk of maraschino cherries and vegetal maple notes of the fenugreek balance this mixture into a surprisingly savoury quencher. (T. G.)

It’s Lit Fam  11

El Dorado 15yr, Fresh Lemon Juice, Rosemary Grapefruit Syrup, Bitters, Flame. Tiki inspired and often desired. Fresh lemon, notes of grapefruit and rosemary round out this fiery rum treat. (S. T.)

Fino Daze   12

Alvear Fino, Ketel One, St. Germaine, Fresh Lemon Juice, Thyme, Bitters. Dry Fino sherry plays with fresh lemon, sweet elderflower, and herbaceous thyme. Let this bright summer sipper take you a time when the livin’ was a little bit easier. (S. T.)

Fresh in the Afternoon  12

Victoria Gin, Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Fresh Lemon Juice, Grapefruit Rosemary Syrup, Absinthe, Bubbly. This heady champagne cocktail will delight the senses as grapefruit and lemon balance out sweet syrup and a careless whisper of absinthe. A few of these and you’ll feel right as rain. (S. T.)

Sacré Bleubeard  13

Pere Magloire, Gosling’s Blackstrap Rum, Dolin Rouge. Spirit-forward, elegant, and clean, this riff on a Manhattan was inspired by flavours of Normandy and the Caribbean. Yarrr! (T. P.)

Le Sang 75  12

Pere Maglorie, Lambrusco, Lemon, Spiced Syrup. A new twist on the classic French 75. This sparkling glass is filled with apple, vanilla, allspice and clove. Warm the blood with this dark red autumn Lambrusco cocktail. (S.T.)

Friendly Stranger  13

Encanto Pisco, Apricot Liquor, Toasted Orgeat, Fresh Lemon Juice, Cardamom. Scene: You’re sitting on a rock, in a meadow, in a valley, in Peru. This is what you’re drinking. Apricot and almond compliment delicate floral notes, because you’re the kind of person who brings a stemmed glass backpacking. (T. P.)

Dispear in Shrubourbia #2 12

Bulleit Bourbon, Vanilla Pear Balsamic Shrub, Fresh Lemon Juice, Sugar. Refreshing and sweet, yet savoury, this drink will stave off the existential crisis brought on by the 9 to 5 life and test your tolerance of puns. (The Squad)

Rite of Spring 12

Eau Claire Equinox, Amaro Montenegro, Aperol, Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Fresh Lime Juice. Kiss the frigid air and long, dark nights goodbye – luscious amaro, fresh grapefruit, and a prickly pear cactus spirit from Alberta’s own badlands serve an irresistible way to embrace the changing season. (R. M.)

Witches Fizz 13

Beefeater Gin, Strega, Yellow Chartreuse, Fresh Lemon Juice, Rosemary Honey Syrup, Egg White. This is a fresh, herbaceous ode to our late co-worker and creator, Brendan Brewster. A mentor to many and a friend to more, he will be sorely missed. Thank you for sharing with us the wealth and scope of your knowledge, your hospitality; things so rarely imparted, are never forgotten. (B.B.)

Smoke & Oak Fashioned 15

Oaken Gin, Smoked Maple Syrup, Orange Oil, Bitters. The drink. The legend. The Smoke & Oak. This take on a classic old fashioned seems to keep our regulars happy, and that makes us happy! (B. B.)


Red Racer Radler   7
Fruit Beer – 473ml – 3.5%
Central City Brewing Co. – Surrey, B.C

Craft Lager  6
Lager – 355ml – 5%
Parallel 49 Brewing Co.- Vancouver, B.C

Kona Big Wave  7
Golden Ale – 355ml – 4.4%
Kona Brewing – Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Steam Whistle   7
Pilsner – 341ml – 5%
Steam Whistle Brewing Inc.- Toronto, ON

Shortwave   7
Pale Ale- 341ml – 5.2%
Phillips Brewing Co.- Victoria, B.C

Farm Hand   12
Saison – 650ml – 5.5%
Driftwood Brewery – Victoria, B.C

Omission   8
Gluten Free Pale Ale – 355ml – 5.8%
Windmar Brothers Brewing Co.- Portland, OR

Filthy Dirty   8
India Pale Ale – 341ml – 7.2%
Parallel 49 Brewing Co.- Vancouver, B.C

Kasteel Rouge   10
Fruit Beer – 330ml – 8%
Castle Brewery- Van Honsebrouck Belgium

St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition   13
Lambic – 375ml – 5%
Castle Brewery- Van Honsebrouck Belgium

Bean Me Up  7
Espresso Stout – 355ml – 5.7%
Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks- Richmond, B.C


Hopping Mad   7
Cider – 355ml – 6.5%
Central City Brewing- Surrey, B.C

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Rosemary Grapefruit Soda   5
Orgeat Fizz   5

Ask your server for more non-alcoholic options!

People who love to eat are the best people.

We now feature wines on a limited time basis- Come in to try our newest offerings!


Stone Boat Piano  11/50
Brut, Okanagan Valley, BC



Terrazas Reserva 12/55
Chardonnay, Argentina

Laughing Stock 14/60
Pinot Gris, Okanagan


Freakshow 12/55
Cabernet Sauvignon, California

Pierre Ponnelle 12/50
Pinot Noir, France

Our Peoples

We have a big family. We'd like you to meet them.



You can catch Kevin on most days talking and socializing with the amazing people that walk thru the doors. He’s known to bring over obscene amounts of Cognac or Fernet to his guests, repeat a song too many times over the sound systems and align all the bar stools perfectly. Favorite food? Any kind of noodles immersed in any kind of broth, doused with ridiculous amounts of Siracha. Biggest pet peeves are bar stools that are not aligned perfectly, music that is too quiet and when he runs out of Cognac or Fernet to give to his patrons.


AlexBoss Lady

Raised on the mean streets of Millwoods, Edmonton, Alex has much more experience in the service industry than her childlike blue eyes and freckles would have you believe; she thrives in the dining room and spends most of her time there smiling and laughing! When she is not here she is a full-blown cat lady. She loves all insects, Fleetwood Mac & telling the worst ‘dad jokes’ ever. Not so secretly covered in tattoos from all over the globe, Alex will always have an entertaining anecdote for you—if you don’t laugh you can bet she will.



Raised among fossils in Drumheller’s arid badlands, Riley came to Edmonton in 2007 to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree. This took him a mere six and a half years to complete. Impressive, he knows. Having realized that he is far more comfortable behind a bar than in academia, Riley comes to North 53 with a zeal for learning about spirits, flavor components, and delicious combinations thereof. Outside of this, Riley cares pretty much exclusively about whiskey, punk rock, how your day is going, and submission grappling. Despite insisting that he is both “tall and buff”, he is, sadly, neither.



Landon hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. Early on, Landon began to take control of his social surroundings by becoming a Dj to improve the atmosphere of his increasingly wild nights out. After achieving legal drinking age status, he once again decided to get paid to socialize by taking up bartending. Between mixing funky beats and crafting delicious libations for the masses, he’s content creating the party.



Bar Manager Tyler is a lover of cats, wiener dogs, & cocktails. When he’s not rocking Hawaiian t-shirts, you can find this guy most nights behind our wood mixing up tasty libations. He may look a little rough around the edges with the giant red beard, but in reality; he’s just a big teddy bear.



Elizabeth is a student of politics and lover of libations. Elizabeth tends our bar and cares pretty deeply about the folks that frequent either side of the wood. Elizabeth finds herself drawn to local design & theatre, as well as overthrowing the patriarchy. You will not only love her badass cocktails, but her awesome personality will make you love her even more. Canpai!!!



Even tho Karl looks SUPER serious in this photo – he, like the rest of the kitchen, likes to party. Karl has another title attached to cook. Movie nerd. If it’s a movie, he’s probably seen it. Karl looks young, but is actually freakishly old. No he’s not that old, but he’s not as young as he looks. When he’s not cooking alongside his comrades in the kitchen, you can find him hanging out with his beloved girlfriend Lauren & their cat, Eli. One of Karl’s hobbies includes collecting sweaters with cats on them.


JoshSous Chef

This is Josh. He loves to party. If you can pronounce his last name, Dissanayake, he will buy you dessert. Born & raised in Edmonton, kickin it since 86, cooking is his main game, and he’s here to fatten you up. Josh’s tattoos weigh more than him. Actually. Amongst his many unique tattoos, North 53’s logo is one of them. Josh is a super proud dad to his little sweet pea, Olivia. His favorite movie of all time? Cry Baby with Johnny Depp.



Head-Banging to heavy metal and hitting the streets with his fixed gear bicycle, this guy knows how to party! The amount of instant Ramen he’s both made and eaten has made him a samurai in the kitchen (it’s not just boiling water and throwing in the noodles, you guys!). Quentin also enjoys sword fights with pirates and breaking out into song.


FilliepHead Chef

Filly, as we all call him; used to be an aspiring psychologist. That is, until bad grades forced him to reconsider. That’s when he found out that cooking was his game. We’re all kind of happy he chose to cook. Filly’s favorite color is dark green, and is super crazy about Mr.Oizo & all his stunts. Human anatomy is his hobby when he’s not in the kitchen, and he’s trying to tackle a big hike one of these days. His favorite cocktail is the Mezcal Last Word, and in his own last words – “Don’t stir my caramel. XO.”



Mitchell moved to Edmonton in 2009 to complete a BA Anthropology degree. While he’s not crafting cups of joe, you can find him working the service bar at North! Endlessly changing his hobbies, he has dabbled in poetry, record collecting, cider making, photography, and video games. Like any good bartender he is a well-adapted alcoholic and despite a focused demeanour he loves answering questions about what he’s mixing up or recommending one of his current favs.


Haileyshift leader/server

Raised on the wild waterslides and smelling of lake water and ice cream, Hailey represents Sylvan Lake with nothing but pride.
Her Swedish blood carries with it an appreciation for the most simple of things – those being light, tables, design in general, and most of all, people. Wanting only to feed and water the fine patrons of North 53 like they’re her flowers, she helps to keep our garden alive. Outside of our home, you can find her either throwing clay on a pottery wheel, drinking wine by her lava lamps, or stealing flowers from your very own back yard. Come and meet your newest friend, people.


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