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The celebration of Canada’s diversity by embracing influences found in our team’s backgrounds to create fun & simple plates that showcase quality ingredients. These plates are best consumed with our playful cocktails & tasty wines. Our atmosphere is casual & we encourage food to be shared amongst the table.


Monday: Closed Tuesday: 5pm-late Wednesday: 5pm-late Thursday: 5pm-late Friday: 5pm-2am Saturday: 5pm-2am Sunday: 5pm-late

Food served until 2AM Friday and Saturday

Save A Spot


Please use our reservation calendar to save your spot or call 587-524-5353 & leave a message. Voice messages will be checked and returned daily between 3-5pm.

Can’t find a babysitter? We’re minors friendly till 10pm.

Rather sit at the wood? Our 20-seat bar is available for walk ins.

We do not take reservations for parties over 6 on weekends before 9pm. Customizable set menus for parties of 8 or more are available, contact us for details and to book your group!

We set aside a 2 hour dining limit. An 18% gratuity is added on parties over 7 people.

Contact us for booking parties of 8 or more, for special events or special requests.

Gift certificates are available at the restaurant.

North 53 will be closed on the following dates: November 7 & 11, December 7, 24, 25, 26, 27, January 1.

Please note we will not be having late night food service on October 31st.




Food served until 2AM Friday and Saturday

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Up Late?

Food served until 2AM Friday and Saturday

Late Night

Served from 11pm-2am on Fridays & Saturdays.

Bar Nuts 5
Candied & Fried

Marinated & Griddled Mushroom 8
Poached Egg Yolk

Filipino Pork Buns 4/ea
Potato & Onion Filling

Green Onion & Crustacean Crackers 8
Lovage Salt

Cream of Broccoli Soup 10
Garlic Croutons, Aged Cheddar

*Fried Chicken 11
Sour Cream & Onion Dip


Sorbet 3/scoop
Flavours are always changing!

Mint Iced Cream 4/scoop
Crispy Chocolate Mousse

Comté 18 Months 12
House-made Raspberry Jam, Buttermilk Scone

Cider Poached Pear 11
Pear Sorbet, Spiced Strusel

Pudding Chômeur 13.5
Make it à la mode for 3.00


Up Late?

Cocktail menu and beer.

Classic Cocktails

Sherry Cobbler 11 / 2oz
Fino Sherry, Maraschino Liqueur, Simple Syrup, Seasonal Berries. Boozy prominence is tempered by surprising freshness in an American-as-apple-pie classic.

Lucien Gaudin 13/3oz
Beefeater, Campari, Cointreau, Dolin Dry. Named for the prominent French fencer of the late 1920’s, this melée of spirits offers subtle sweeter notes than its undefeated Italian counterpart, the Negroni. En Garde!

Aviation 13/2.75oz
Plymouth Gin, Lemon, Maraschino Liqueur, Bitter Truth Violet. Originally constructed to showcase the innovation of brightly coloured spirits, this floral & tart classic will have you flying high.

Ancient Mariner 13/2.25oz
Lemon Hart Original, Diplomatico, Lime, Grapefruit, Simple Syrup, Bitter Truth Pimento Dram. Rum-soaked and mysteriously spice laden, this fruity frontrunner of the recent Tiki revival is a riff on the classic Navy Grog. Not for the faint of heart.

Sazerac 14/2oz
Bulleit Rye, Sugar, Bitters, Absinthe. Here, the fine citizens of New Orleans employed absinthe to create an unapologetic spin on an Old Fashioned.

House Cocktails

Eureka Sour 13/2oz
Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin, Aperol, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Bitters, Egg White. This gin-based sour’s hue mirrors that of its namesake, the bright pink eureka lemon. Reminiscent of pink lemonade in flavour, it’s perfect for quenching your summer thirst. Eureka!

Trouble in Paradise 12/2.25oz
Bulleit Bourbon, Cynar, Averna, Fernet Branca, Pineapple Syrup. Sweet off the top, this spirituous bourbon-based drink quickly takes a bitter turn.

Sage Advice 12/2oz
Bulleit Rye, Tomato, Sage, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Salt, Bitters. A refreshing, prairie-forged elixir that’s a little spicy, a little savoury, and relentlessly Albertan.

Art of Smoke 12/2ozWitches’ Fizz 13/ 2.5oz
Knob Creek Rye, Cynar, Lemon, Lapsang Souchong Syrup, Bitters. Brown, bitter, and backed by smoke. A funky sour that wields contrasting flavours in painting a unique portrait.

Amanté 13 / 2oz
El Jimador Blanco, Lime, Ginger Syrup, Cilantro, Cholula, Bitters, Salt. Spanish for mistress, this complex libation serves as a spicy alternative to your first love, the Margarita.

Lemon Sky 11/2oz
Ketel One Citroen, Galliano, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Egg White, Bitters. This soft sipper will have you dancing in the clouds.

Rosey Cheeks 11 / 2oz
Nigori Sake, Lemon, Saffron Cardamom Rose Syrup, Lemon, Egg White, Rose Petals. The weather outside is frightful, but this Persian ice cream inspired beverage is delightful.

Smoke & Oak Fashioned 15/2oz
Oaken Gin, Smoked Maple Syrup, Aromatic and Orange Bitters, Orange Oils, Spruce Smoke. The drink, the legend, the Smoke & Oak. This take on a classic seems to keep locals happy, and that makes us really happy.

Mayahuel’s Milk 13/2.5oz
Beefeater, Dolin Dry, Cocchi Americano, Pineapple Syrup, Mezcal, Bitters The Aztec goddess of maguey (agave) is rumored to have 400 breasts, from which agave spirit was born. This homage to Mayahuel is a bold, crisp, and slightly smokey spirit-forward drink with a gentle hint of pineapple.

Matsu Gimlet 13/2oz
Sochu, Lime Cordial, Pine Oil. This clear and elegant Japanese spirit is shaken into a refreshing beverage that is finished with fresh pine (matsu) infused oil as a bright aromatic.

Ivan The Terrible 13/2.25oz
Havana Club Blanco, Lemon Hart Original, Orange, Lime, Pineapple Syrup, Orgeat, Bitters, Lemon Hart 151. While working in the Caribbean, one of our bartenders survived the massive hurricane for which the drink is named. A whirlwind of rum, tropical juices and West Indies inspired spices, this Tiki-style drink celebrates his triumph.


Analogue 78   7
Lager – 341ml – 5%
Phillips Brewing – Victoria, B.C

Elsinore   7
Pilsner – 355ml – 7.6%
Phillips Brewing – Victoria, B.C

Pranqster   10
Belgium Golden Ale – 355ml – 7.6%
North Coast Brewing – Fort Bragg, California

Saison   15
Saison – 500ml – 6.5%
Nøgne, Norway

Westcoast IPA   9
IPA – 355ml – 8%
Greenflash Brewery – San Diego

Jerkface 9000   7
American Pale Wheat Ale – 341ml – 5%
Parallel 49 – Vancouver, B.C.

Rodenbach Classic   9
Flanders Red Ale – 330ml – 5.2%
Brouwerij Rodenbach

Rhythm & Blues   13
Barley Wine – 341ml – 10.2%
Brouwerij de Molen – Bodegraven, Netherlands

Split Shot Espresso   10
Milk/Sweet Stout – 355ml – 5.6%
Elysian Brewing Co. – Washington

Black Butte Porter   10
American Porter – 355ml – 5.2%
Deschutes Brewery – Oregon


Lone Tree   8
Dry Cider – 355ml – 5.5%
Lonetree – Okanagan, B.C.

Pickers Hut   13
Cider – 650ml – 6%
The View Winery – Kelowna, B.C.

Cocktails for drivers

Horchata   5
Rosemary Lemonade   5
Ask your server for more non-alcoholic options!

People who love to eat are the best people.


Jaume Serra  7/30
Cava, Spain

Lini 910  9/45
Lambrusco, Italy

Stone Boat Piano  11/50
Brut, Okanagan Valley, BC

Veuve Clicquot Rich 20/100
Champagne, France

Moet Imperial Brut  100
Champagne, France

Moet Nectar  110
Champagne, France

Moet Rose  120
Champagne, France



Wolftrap White  9/40
White blend, South Africa

Terrazas Reserva  12/55
Chardonnay, Argentina

Kulina  13/60
Gewürztraminer, Germany

TH Wines  14/65
White blend, Summerland, BC

Saint Clair  15/70
Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand


Hogwash  12/50
Grenache Rose, California


Veedha  9/40
Red Blend, Douro Valley, Portugal

Small Gully: Mr.Black’s  10/45
Shiraz, South Australia

Freakshow 12/55
Cabernet Sauvignon, California

King Estate 15/70
Pinot Noir, Lorane Valley, Oregon

Hendry Block  75
Zinfandel, Napa Valley



Warres Warrior  6
Vintage Port Wine, Portugal

Michele Chiarlo  8
Moscato D’ Asti, Italy

Bellum  12
Monastrell, Spain


Our Peoples

We have a big family. We'd like you to meet them.



You can catch Kevin on most days talking and socializing with the amazing people that walk thru the doors. He’s known to bring over obscene amounts of Cognac or Fernet in Chinese teacups over to his tables, and repeating a song too many times over the sound systems. Favorite food? Any kind of noodles immersed in any kind of broth, doused with ridiculous amounts of Siracha. Biggest pet peeves are bar stools that are not aligned perfectly, and when he runs out of Cognac or Fernet to give to his patrons.


AlexGeneral Manager

Raised on the mean streets of Millwoods, Edmonton, Alex has much more experience in the service industry than her childlike blue eyes and freckles would have you believe; she thrives in the dining room and spends most of her time there smiling and laughing! When she is not here she is a full-blown cat lady. She loves insects, & telling the worst ‘dad jokes’ ever. Not so secretly covered in tattoos from all over the globe, Alex will always have a strange or awkward anecdote for you—if you don’t laugh you can bet she will.



Madelaine is the new kid in town, but you can call her Maddy. Now don’t let her stature fool ya. “Though she be but little, she be fierce”. When she’s not Performing on Edmonton’s Stages you can catch her at North 53 with some of Edmonton’s coolest folks. She loves Netflix binging, tickling the ivories, singing show tunes, sipping cold brews, buying ridiculous amounts of toques and plaid shirts, and her dog John Denver.



Raised among fossils in Drumheller’s arid badlands, Riley came to Edmonton in 2007 to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree. This took him a mere six and a half years to complete. Impressive, he knows. Having realized that he is far more comfortable behind a bar than in academia, Riley comes to North 53 with a zeal for learning about spirits, flavor components, and delicious combinations thereof. Outside of this, Riley cares pretty much exclusively about whiskey, punk rock, how your day is going, and submission grappling. Despite insisting that he is both “tall and buff”, he is, sadly, neither.



Landon hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. Early on, Landon began to take control of his social surroundings by becoming a Dj to improve the atmosphere of his increasingly wild nights out. After achieving legal drinking age status, he once again decided to get paid to socialize by taking up bartending. Between mixing funky beats and crafting delicious libations for the masses, he’s content creating the party.



Bar Manager Tyler is a lover of cats, wiener dogs, & cocktails. When he’s not rocking Hawaiian t-shirts, you can find this guy most nights behind our wood mixing up tasty libations. He may look a little rough around the edges with the giant red beard, but in reality; he’s really just a teddy bear.  



Elizabeth is a student of politics and lover of libations. Elizabeth tends our bar and cares pretty deeply about the folks that frequent either side of the wood. Elizabeth finds herself drawn to local design & theatre, as well as overthrowing the patriarchy. You will not only love her badass cocktails, but her awesome personality will make you love her even more. Canpai!!!



Even tho Karl looks SUPER serious in this photo – he, like the rest of the kitchen, likes to party. Karl has another title attached to cook. Movie nerd. If it’s a movie, he’s probably seen it. Karl looks young, but is actually freakishly old. No he’s not that old, but he’s not as young as he looks. When he’s not cooking alongside his comrades in the kitchen, you can find him hanging out with his beloved girlfriend Lauren & their cat, Eli. One of Karl’s hobbies includes collecting sweaters with cats on them.


JoshSous Chef

This is Josh. He loves to party. If you can pronounce his last name, Dissanayake, he will buy you dessert. Born & raised in Edmonton, kickin it since 86, cooking is his main game, and he’s here to fatten you up. Josh’s tattoos weigh more than him. Actually. Amongst his many unique tattoos, North 53’s logo is one of them. Josh is a super proud dad to his little sweet pea, Olivia. His favorite movie of all time? Cry Baby with Johnny Depp.



Head-Banging to heavy metal and hitting the streets with his fixed gear bicycle, this guy knows how to party! The amount of instant Ramen he’s eaten has made him a samurai in the kitchen (not just boiling water and throwing in the noodles). Quentin also enjoys sword fights with pirates and breaking out into song.


FilliepHead Chef

Filly, as we all call him; used to be an aspiring psychologist. That is, until bad grades forced him to reconsider. That’s when he found out that cooking was his game. We’re all kind of happy he chose to cook. Filly’s favorite color is dark green, and is super crazy about Mr.Oizo & all his stunts. Human anatomy is his hobby when he’s not in the kitchen, and he’s trying to tackle a big hike one of these days. His favorite cocktail is the Mezcal Last Word, and in his own last words – “Don’t stir my caramel. XO.”



Mitchell moved to Edmonton in 2009 to complete a BA Anthropology degree. While he’s not crafting cups of joe, you can find him working the service bar at North! Endlessly changing his hobbies, he has dabbled in poetry, record collecting, cider making, photography, and video games. Like any good bartender he is a well-adapted alcoholic and despite a focused demeanour he loves answering questions about what he’s mixing up or recommending one of his current favs.


Haileyshift leader/server

Raised on the wild waterslides and smelling of lake water and ice cream, Hailey represents Sylvan Lake with nothing but pride.
Her Swedish blood carries with it an appreciation for the most simple of things – those being light, tables, design in general, and most of all, people. Wanting only to feed and water the fine patrons of North 53 like they’re her flowers, she helps to keep our garden alive. Outside of our home, you can find her either throwing clay on a pottery wheel, drinking wine by hers lava lamps, or stealing flowers from your very own back yard. Come and meet your newest friend, people.


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 Restaurants for Change event on October 21st

We will be participating in a Canada wide event promoting sustainable food sources and healthy eating. Join us by making a reservation and find out more here

North 53 offers thoughtful, expertly prepared menu

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Veuve Clicquot Rich comes to Edmonton

The recent release from Champagne maker Veuve Clicquot was launched at North 53 this summer. Our friend Randall MacDonald came to test it out and had nothing but lovely things to say about the new ‘build-it-yourself’ champagne cocktails.

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